Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

A critical illness policy pays out a lump sum or income on the diagnosis of one of a list of illnesses specified in the policy.

This will provide financial assistance to help you cope with the impact of surviving a serious illness.

Level critical illness cover

Level Critical Illness Insurance

As with term assurance, cover can be purchased on a level basis,
for family protection. The sum assured remains constant throughout
the term of the policy.

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Decreasing critical illness cover

If the purpose of the cover is to ensure that the mortgage is
repaid in the event of you suffering a critical illness, then decreasing
critical illness cover can be used. This is only appropriate if
the mortgage is on capital repayment terms. With some insurers
you will be able to select the interest rate on which the reducing
amount of cover will be based.

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Death or earlier critical illness cover

Critical Illness cover is most frequently available as part of
a life insurance plan, although it is available on a stand-alone
basis. Some insurers will only offer Critical Illness cover within
a life policy and it is very often better value to purchase in
this way. Essentially, the policy pays out in the event of EITHER
critical illness or death whichever occurs first, and within the
term of the plan.

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Total Permanent Disability Cover

This is an additional benefit whereby cover is available should
you become totally and permanently disabled.

This benefit is offered at 3 different levels:

Own Occupation

– the benefit is payable if you are unable to continue to follow
you current occupation as a result of the disability. This is the
highest level of cover and may not be available to all depending
on their occupation.

Any Occupation

– the benefit is payable if you are unable to undertake any occupation
due to the disability.

Work Tasks

– the benefit will only be payable if you are unable to perform
a specified number of activities of daily living such as holding
a pencil, feeding oneself or washing. This is very basic level
of cover which offers protection only when your quality of life
is at its lowest.

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Children’s cover

This is available with a number of insurers and is included within
the premium quoted for the adult(s). Whilst no-one wants to consider
the impact of a child suffering a critical illness, this cover
is a valuable policy benefit.

It provides cover for children, whether your own or legally adopted.
Generally, all such children are covered although some insurers
may restrict.

The amount of cover available will vary with the insurer but generally
covers children from the age of 30 days upto their 18th birthday.

If a claim is made, this will not affect the critical illness
cover for the adult(s) which remains intact.

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